About Dror Schweid

Dror Schweid (b.1991) is a pianist, conductor, bass-baritone singer and music producer currently residing in Jerusalem. Beginning in September 2019, Dror will continue his orchestral conducting studies at the Jerusalem Academy of Music, Jerusalem, with Prof. Yuval Zorn and singing with Ms. Marina Levite.

He graduated from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance high school, where he studied the piano with Prof. Itzhak Kosov and composition with Dr. Irena Svetova.
After graduation, Dror served as an “Outstanding Musician” in the IDF, alongside his piano performance studies at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, under Dr. Asaf Zohar and Prof. Micahel Bogoslavsky which he graduated on July 2013.

His own projects

On September 2019 he founded a piano trio together with violinist Talia Herzlich and cellist Daniel Schwarz. Their new concept combined improvisation, reading poets/texts which communicate with the music we played, incorporating singing and some acting. Last year they played in a beautiful garden in the Judean Mountains by the Sansan nature reserve, and in the Judean Desert near Wadi Og.
On 11.9.2013 he performed in the Jerusalem Theater with jazz pianist Yoel Shemesh at the opening concert of the 24-Hour Pianos Festival with an original show that they created themselves.

In September 2018 he started managing a concert series in Jerusalem – Salon Concert – which offers a concert once a month in a beautiful house in the German colony, Jerusalem. Among the many artists who performed in this unique venue were Omri Mor, Lazer Lloyd, Michael Zartsekel, Adi Neuhaus, Daniel Schwarzwald, and Benjamin Goodman.
In five different concerts, he performed twice as a soloist and three times as a conductor with five different orchestras that he organized by myself. The players all participated without pay.

As a pianist:

On 13.10.2013 he performed Beethoven’s 4th piano concerto op. 58 conducted by Avishay Shalom.

On 1.5.2014 he performed Mozart’s 24 piano concerto k. 491 conducted by Avishay Shalom and Cezar Franck’s Symphonic Variations, conducted by Netanel Bass.

As a conductor:

On 13.9.2015 he conducted Beethoven`s violin concerto op. 61 with soloist Daniel Zinn (first movement) and Gal Ecsein (second and third movements)

On 1.5.2018 he conducted the first and second movements of Beethoven`s 7th symphony op. 92 at The Navon Hall at the Jerusalem Academy High School.

On 25.7.2018 he conducted the first and second movements of Paul Ben Haim violin concerto arranged for mandolin with the soloist Roi Dayan (world premiere on mandolin).

Experience as a musician

Accompanist. “Inbalim” Jerusalem Choir, conducted by Amir Bernard.

2013-2014. Accompanist. “Kapelata” Choir, conducted by Shely Berlinsky.

Accompanist. Production of the opera “Don Giovanni” by the Jerusalem Opera. The show was performed in Jerusalem on 11.10.13, conducted by Omer Arieli. Also in October 2013 – accompanist. Oratorio Choir with six movements from Mozart`s Requiem, conducted by Ofer Dal Lal.

Lobby pianist. Protea Hills in Shoresh (Israel).

September 2014 and September 2015. Accompanist. Iris Goren class, part of a singer masterclasses course – “Sounds in Jerusalem”. Jerusalem Academy of music.

November 2016. Accompanist. Rehearsals of Puccini’s La Boheme. Ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi, Berlin, conducted by Levi Hammer.

On September 2019 Dror will start working as a chamber music instructor at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance high school.


2008 – Amitai Rokem Fund. Excellence scholarship
2008 – Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance high school Concerto competition. As part of the award, I performed with the institute’s orchestra, playing Mozart’s Concerto No. 13 K. 415.
2012-2013 – AICF scholarship in piano performance.
2014-2015 – AICF” scholarship in piano performance.

Dror Schweid

Piano, Voice, Conducting

Zur Hadasa, Israel