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    Eden Giat is an Israeli pianist active in the local jazz scene.

    In his musical activity, Eden had played and collaborated with Avishai Cohen (Bass), Omer Avital, “Yemen Blues” (Ravid Kahlani), Yair Dalal, Shlomo Gronich, Hagiga Sextet, and more. Likewise, he has performed at various music festivals in Israel and abroad such as Shenzhen Jazz Festival, ACC World Music Festival, Perugia Festival, Jerusalem Jazz Festival, Tzlilim Bamidbar Festival, etc.

    Eden was born in January 1999 in Tel Aviv to a musical family. Inspired by his father Doron Giat who is a drummer, he started playing and improvising with drums and percussion instruments from the age of two. At the age of five, he asked to study the piano and began taking classical piano lessons with Ruthy Figer. He continued to study the drums also with his father until 11 when his attention was caught by the piano practice.

    Most of his classical piano studies (for seven years) were done with Mr. Maxim Steinberg, a teacher that awakened his passion and drive to practice and understand composers’ works deeply. As a child, Eden also studied jazz piano and harmony with pianist Tamir Miller.

    From a young age, Eden gained a lot of experience, at the age of 13 he was a guest on Arie Vardi’s TV show “Intermezzo with Arik” after he returned from a concert at Krakow Philharmonic Hall.

    Eden played as a classical soloist with orchestras as the Budapest Orchestra, the Israel Chamber Orchestra, and the Ashdod Symphony Orchestra. He worked with different conductors as Sergei Babayan, Uri Segal, and Guy Feder.

    Eden is also a scholar of “The America-Israel Cultural Foundation” since 2012 in jazz and classical music categories. He received scholarships from several foundations as “Ronen Foundation” and “Zfunot Tarbut Foundation”. He won the first prizes in classical piano competitions – “The Chopin Youth Competition”, “The Pnina Salzman Competition”, and “Piano Forever Competition”.

    In 2013, in his search for self-expression and freedom, Eden decided to stop the intensive classical routine and wanted to get into improvised music and composition. Therefore, Eden entered “Thelma Yellin School of Arts” high school’s jazz department, and started taking lessons with Omri Mor, who was a big influence and drove him to delve into jazz tradition, groove, and improvisation.

    During his High School period, Eden went with Thelma Yellin Big Band to perform in the international Jen Festival in Kentucky and also performed with Thelma Yellin combo ensemble at Washington D.C with his original arrangements. Additionally, in 2016 Eden joined Ravid Kahlani’s “Yemen Blues” band and toured with them.

    In 2017-2020 Eden served in the army as an “Excellent Musician” (a status designed to allow continuing the musical activity) and studied for one year at the “Jerusalem academy of music and dance” at the classical performance department mainly for studying with Professor Benjamin Oren, which he considers as a great inspiration that is beyond genre and beyond music – “it was an intensive work of controlling the colors of the piano, being alive and emotionally connected to every note, and avoiding any automatic playing”. At the same period, Eden joined the “Hagiga Sextet” group led by Alon Farber.

    In 2019 Eden formed a Quartet band that plays his original compositions, and started performing with them in notable clubs. In the same year, Eden made several performances and recordings with Omer Avital.

    In 2020, Eden worked and performed with Avishai Cohen (Bass) and at the last Summer recorded for Avishai’s future Album, while also recording his own Quartet’s Debut Album which is set to be released in April 2021

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