About Eden Isachar

Eden was born in Israel. She graduated senior high with honors and a high school diploma (bagrut). She studied theatre from a young age – she was in many theater circles, one of which was the Cultural Hall of Rishon Le Zion.

Between the years 2009-2011, she took part in youth workshops at the Beit-Zvi School for the Performing Arts, after school, in which she participated in the play “Exceptions to Life”. Between the years 2014-2016, she studied acting in front of a camera at the school “Technique” under the management of Uli Shterenberg and Niv Raz. During that time, she participated in a children’s play titled “Midot Tovot”, in the lead role.

She also participated in two commercials – one for “Nicole” brand and one for “Isracard” as well as in several student films. In 2016, she began her studies at Beit Zvi, under the management of Art-Pedagogical Director Arthur Kogan and Director-General David Benjamin. On February 18, she won a scholarship competition named after Rafael Klachkin that took place at the school and on July 18 she won the America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship for Theater. She has currently starting her third and final year at Beit Zvi.

Eden Isachar

Actor, Classical, Contemporary

Rishon Le Zion, Israel
Grant Recipient