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About Efrat Baler Moses

Efrat Baler (b. Jerusalem, Israel), is a New York based multidisciplinary artist. Efrat (aka Effi), a graduate of the BFA program in Sculpture and Painting at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, Israel, is a grant recipient of the Helena Rubinstein American - Israeli Culture Foundation. She was listed as one of the ten most promising Bezalel Artists of the 80s, in the publication honoring the inauguration of the new Bezalel campus (1990). A practicing artist, Ms. Baler also has extensive creative work experience as an art educator, teacher and lecturer at public and private NYC schools, community centers, and worked for the Tate Americas Foundation. She has lectured on the History of Israeli Art and her own artworks at universities in the *West Coast Bay area and at the San Francisco Public Library. Efrat took part in over 40 group shows and 5 solo exhibitions in the US, Israel, and Germany, and her works are in private collections.
* Monterey Peninsula College, San Francisco State University, San Jose State University, University of California, University of Berkeley, and Congregation Sherith Israel.

Efrat explores alternate ways to create and exhibit paintings in a contemporary context. She examines the boundaries and semantics of conventional painting in an age of digital environments, an overload of visual stimuli and changed viewing habits. Using her background as a traditional painter, she assembles and redefines the painting in a fresh new way, but using only traditional painting techniques, materials, and subject matter. This exploration of alternate painting existences and creating hybrid identities informs her immersive, interactive art practice. The transdisciplinary sculptural paintings require active exploration; their three-dimensional existence requires the viewer to go beyond a passive, fleeting moment’s examination typical of today’s digital age attention habits and art viewership. ​Pop culture, current events, art-about-art, puns, social and personal issues influence her themes. She constructs and deconstructs elements that expose the thinking process and forms of artistic practice, leaving space for interpretation. The 3D painterly hybrid artworks in which she combines objects that morph on, beneath, or behind the canvas have many presentation possibilities to include wall-hung, on integrated stands, tabletop/pedestal paintings or floor standing paintings. Efrat presents a singular inside look into the process and thinking of the artist and a view of how the xenogeneic artwork developed, broadening the painting’s spatial existence creating as a “traditional” painter multidimensional paintings that suggest a different way of making and exhibiting paintings in a new age.

Efrat Baler Moses

Visual Arts
Mixed Media, Sculpture, Drawing & Painting

LONG BEACH, New York, United States
Grant Recipient

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