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About Efrat Klipshtein

Efrat (born in Tel Aviv, Israel) received her Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Psychology and her Graduate master’s degree (cum laude) in Industrial Design. She studied Fine Arts at Hamidrasha School of Art.

She is the recipient of several art awards. Her works have been exhibited (solo and group exhibitions) in institutions such as The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Museum of Art in Ein Harod, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Haifa Museum of Art, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, and Spaces Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio.

A variety of Efrat’s works are held in private and public collections.
Efrat’s art reveals foreign realms within the familiar and mundane. Everyday objects, her hobbies, and the people surrounding her, are all the raw materials of her art. Efrat’s intimate familiarity with these banal materials enables her to reveal their boundaries and then elasticize and expand them. The practice by which Efrat transforms these materials into her own work of art does not lay within any one discipline, but rather utilizes a variety of mediums and techniques.

Efrat is a lecturer and the educational program director of ‘Basis School for Art and Culture’, Herzliya. She also teaches art in different extra-curricular enrichment programs.

Efrat Klipshtein

Visual Arts

Ramat Gan, Israel