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About Eirit Huber

Eirit’s intuitive and atmospheric oil paintings provide different interpretations – a renewed creation transforming the mundane reality, the vistas, images, dreams and experiences, into a world of fantasy. Thus, demonstrating there is no one absolute, but many shades, shapes and views. That each and every one is whole and infinite, and has the right to experience, dream and feel exactly as he would like, while in synergy and unity with everything. Her paintings take us through a magical journey between the visible and invisible, reality and imagination, between depths, feelings, and emotions and bestow inspiration to all.

According to Eirit: “My art originates from within the soul, an endless melody, the sunrise, the sun, the light. Majesty like no other. It is the spark that empowers all. I believe that in each and every one exists an amazing creator who can bestow and create the best for his life. Therefore I implement my artistic expertise in my paintings, writing, and combine it with my practice in guided imagery and Theta-Healing which I master. In doing so, I create a new way in imparting inspiration upon people for wanting a better life. I teach them to turn their subconscious into a paintbrush, thus creating the reality they desire and dream for themselves.
All of my paintings are oil on canvas. I use different techniques and sometimes paint with metallic colors. My art is the inspiration through which I explore, learn and develop more ideas and means for new painting techniques, writing, lectures, and more. Furthermore, I took part in single and group exhibitions at galleries and museums in Israel and France. I’m also part of an international art book for Israeli art. In addition, I appeared on TV and radio shows, discussing the special combination which I create between my art and healing techniques, through my creation. I continue every day and every moment in creating and bestowing hope and inspiration, via my painting, writing, healing sessions and lectures. Also, combining my art with home designers in order to match my paintings to the line of design and personalities of the tenants for balance and harmony. I also work on a book documenting my creative and spiritual development. I am the owner of “Ofek Le’Haim” center, where I combine my art and holistic practice in order to develop creative and conscientious thinking”.

Eirit Huber

Visual Arts
Drawing & Painting

Rishon Lezion, Israel