About Elad Theater

Elad Theater is one of the most interesting theaters in the contemporary cultural landscape in Israel. It is comprised of an ensemble of professional actors and creators from the national theater and repertoire theaters in Tel Aviv, who left successful careers in the center of the country and moved with their families to the inspiring desert near the beautiful Red Sea. This action belief that the southernmost point of Israel should become an innovation center for groundbreaking art and creation, intensified with their search for a new theatrical language that can be found only in this remote region. As one of the only experimental theaters in Israel, Elad Theater has made its mark in short time, locally and internationally.

The Artistic Director of the company, Shay Pitowsky is a respected award winning playwright and director, artistic director of the “Young Habima National Theater company” (2008-2015). Pitowsky is known for his unique artistic language, which develops from his deep laboratory work with permanent ensemble actors over the years.

The theater aims to significantly expand the access to arts and culture in the region, creating demographic growth by providing hundreds of jobs, as well as promoting social and economic growth and cultural abundance in the region:

Creating unique and leading content that cannot be seen anywhere else.
Culture generates tourism: a thriving cultural life will attract likeminded populations to relocate their lives to the south, and tourists and artists from all over the world to visit.
Establish an international culture center which will place the southern tip of Israel on the map of world culture and tourism
As one of the experimental theaters in Israel, Elad Theater has made its mark in short time, locally and internationally. Among Elad Theater’s unique site-specific adaptations and productions of classic works:

“Yerma in the moonlight” by Lorca – which takes place at the foot of the Eilat Mountains, will take you on a captivating journey, literally, under the moonlight.
“The Old Man And The Sea” by Hemigway – A Theatrical Concert with Blindfolded Eyes, in which the senses sweep you into the world of an old man on his life’s greatest journey
“Romeo and Juliet – The Last Supper” – A spectacular event that invites you to take part in the Ball, that’s all about wine, blood and love.

In memory of Sergeant Major Elad Dan, who died during the Second Lebanon War.

Elad Theater


Kibbutz Eilot, Israel

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