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About Eli Chissick

Eli Chissick, based in Tel Aviv, is an award winning designer and master craftsman. Chissick’s works have been exhibited in the USA, Europe and Israel, winning numerous international design awards.

Chissick’s passion for sustainable practice led to his most recent venture of recycled art “Wood-Con-Fusion”.

Each of Eli Chissick’s pieces of furniture in his “Wood-con-fusion” series tells a unique and magical story of transformation. Each table, cabinet and bench began its life as a seemingly useless pile of off-cuts on a carpentry studio’s floor.

With the multi-talented eye of an experienced designer, artist and carpenter, and a passionate belief in environmental sustainability, Eli is able to see the potential in the most unassuming pieces of fiberboard, veneer and formica which would otherwise be relegated to the scrap heap. Nothing goes to waste as Eli collects and sorts these pieces and then presses them into sheets which he uses to create unique pieces of furniture of the highest quality.

Eli Chissick

Visual Arts
Design & Technology, Industrial Design

Tel-Aviv, Israel