About Ella & Edo

Ella & Edo (previously YelleB Dance Ensemble, NYC) are a choreographic duo based in Tel-Aviv. Through a continuous creative process, performances, educational programs, and collaboration with diverse artists and communities, we aspire to create high quality and thoughtful performance art, and promote awareness and dialogue that inspires personal and communal imagination and spirit.


In addition to performances, we conduct post-performance discussions, innovative movement classes and workshops for dancers as well as non-dancers. We offer a blend of physical, intellectual, and artistic activities, which provide interactive experiences designed to introduce and expose new audiences to the art of dance, and to enhance self-awareness, communication, and self-expression.

~ Dance residencies in universities
~ "Dance Exposure" – Performance, Discussion workshop
~ Contemporary classes based in Anatomical Exploration
~ Contact Improvisation classes
~ Body-work/lectures; Pilates, Grinberg Method, Martial Arts

All activities are tailored to the target audience and environment.

Ella & Edo

Dancer, Ballet, Contemporary

Tel-Aviv, Israel