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    Jerusalem, Israel

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    Elliott Leigh Tucker was born in London, England.

    Elliott’s university studies were in Psychology (BSc at Southampton University) and MA studies in Screenwriting and Film Producing from Goldsmiths Arts College in New Cross, London.

    Elliott also studied privately, in movement therapy with Israeli dance-movement pioneer Leah Bartal and mime and clowning with renowned actor/director Steven Berkoff.

    Elliott is otherwise a self taught artist in all aspects of visuals arts – acting in film and theater, painting, graphics, filmmaking and producing arts events and shows.

    Notable events/performances include:

    2005+ Film For Humanity. UK Social action movies, collaborative video projects with

    diverse students/ youth of many global ethnic backgrounds. www.youtube.com/filmforhumanity

    2006 – Underground and theatrical cabaret performances of one man psychological mime/clowning show “Rodney the Nebbuch.”

    2007 – Director/Producer of “Ghetto Warriors” documentary movie on Jewish East London boxing. Showcased at London Jewish Museum exhibition.

    2009 – Producer of “Asbo TV” creative theatrical arts project – working with young criminals on sentence through Oxfordshire Police and Social services in the UK.

    2010 –¬†Director/Producer of “Children of the Ghetto” documentary movie on the history of East London Jewry. Showcased at East End Film Festival and London Film Museum.

    2011 – Producer of “Tribal” video arts project on East London Boxing, working with at risk youth. Award of ¬£25,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund UK.

    2012 – Producer of creative movie projects from studio base in Tzfat, north of Israel. www.youtube.com/livingprayerTV

    2013 – Producer of movie project with young criminals on sentence in Eilat, Israel.

    2014 – Appearances as comedy actor on Israeli TV (working with Yuval Semo, Adir Miller, Kobi Maimon).

    2015 – Director of “Learn to Love” music video featuring the Portnoy Brothers. Filmed with Jews and Arabs at sites across Jerusalem.

    2017 – Producer of “Tohu+Tikkun” live art show at HaMiffal in Jerusalem as “unofficial” part of the Jerusalem Biennale.

    2017 – Producer and designer of interactive creativity book “The Palace of Healing,” for publication in NYC.


    2012 – Artist Oleh Hadash grant from Israeli Government (misrad haklita).


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