Emily Cage


Emily Cage

Emily Cage is an International aerialist based in Berlin, Germany originally from Israel.

She completed her training with various notable trainers around the world and over the past decade, she’s been performing in clubs, bars, private parties and festivals around the world, from New York’s Coney Island to London’s World Burlesque Games where she won 2nd place for the Variety Crown, from San Francisco’s famous Hubba Hubba through the national Israeli Opera, to Berlin’s circus scene.

Emily is regarded as being in her own league of expertise with her long-list of clients and students to testify to her amazing skill-set. She will tell you magical stories in the air and will keep you on the edge of your sit.

She single-highhandedly built a highly respectable image around her brand by performing in numerous nationally-recognized events in Israel.

In 2015 Emily decided to place her brand on an international platform and moved to Berlin, Germany. It was a fortunate decision as she has been performing worldwide ever since.

Emily’s shows are very versatile and can be tailored for events and theme parties.
Amongst her shows:
Coney Island – Sideshow by the Sea Shore – NY, NY
Gypsy Hotel – London, UK
Israeli Opera – Tel Aviv, Israel
Modiin Circus Festival – Modiin, Israel
Bat Yam Intl. Street Theatre Festival – Bat Yam, Israel
Medieval Festival – Melilla, Spain
L-Beach – Hamburg, Germany