Esther Inbal


Esther Inbal

Etti earned a Ph.D. from Weizmann Institute. She lectured at the Hebrew University and was a scientist at Harvard University School of Education. Etti lead a technology education center at the ministry of education in Israel.

As an entrepreneur, Etti founded, an educational technology consulting center at Brookline MA and consulted schools in the integration of innovations and technology into the curriculum.

In 2016, following a leadership course she founded IAC Cinematec ( currently - Cinematec, Celebrating Israeli Films) with the support of IAC NJ, Kaplen JCC on the Palisades and Israeli Consulate General of Israel in NY.

In 2017, Etti co-chaired IAC Moatza Leadership Conference. In the event Etti Lead the session Inspired by art, with guest speakers Ofri Cnaani, artist, and Barak Heymann, film maker, and presented the concepts of the Cinematec.

Being in close communication with leading film makers in the last seven years, inspired Etti to direct her own documentary Outside In, Life of A Figure Model. The film has participated in 5 festivals and Etti won Best Female Film Director In Athens International Art and Film Festival.

Currently Etti lead the Cinematec and work on her second documentary.