Visual Arts

About Esther Zibell

French-born artist Esther Zibell, mostly self-taught, started to paint at a very young age. For almost 18 years, Zibell had been living in Brooklyn, NY, where she studied Print-Making at the Art-students’ League of New York.

In 2016 she made Aliyah to Safed and there, she owns her personal Studio, located in the Artist’s Quarter, where it is open to the public.

In 2002 she presented her first solo show at the 1982 Rashi Center, Paris. She later presented a solo show in residence, Miami Beach and a show at the Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn. Zibell presented another show a few years later in Midtown Gallery, Manhattan and a solo show in Safed, Israel.

Esther Zibell

Visual Arts
Drawing & Painting, Printmaking

Zefat, Israel