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About Etay Axelroad

Etay Axelroad is a choreographer, dancer, movement director and gaga instructor (since 2015). Born in Romania 1995. Graduate of Blich high-school dance major and recipient of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship in 2013.

Worked as a professional dancer with Batsheva Dance Company & Ensemble, GöteborgsOperans Danskompani, KOR'SIA and L-E-V (Sharon Eyal & Gai Bechar).

Since 2016 has been creating different short-mid length works; LED (2023), CASUS (2021), AZIZTARIN (2020), Bias (2019), A_MeN (2018), C.2 (2017), C.1 (2017), Meshulash (2016). His works have been presented in various places in the world; Israel, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, Japan, USA, Spain etc.

Etay Axelroad

Dance, Film, Visual Arts
Choreographer, Dancer, Contemporary, Improvisation, Hip Hop / Street Styles, Ballet, Performance, Directing, Editing, Experimental, Video Clips, Video Art, Digital Art / Multimedia

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