Ethan Amram

    • Visual Arts

    Jerusalem, ID, United States

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    Ethan is born on December 13th, 1998.

    During hard times, Ethan chose to express himself through painting. He discovered that he had many talents in painting and sculpture.

    In 2015, Ethan had his first exhibition in his school Yemin Orde where he lived until his graduation. He proposed some paintings to the artists’ village Ein Od and organized an exhibition at a gallery in Nahlaot neighborhood in Jerusalem where he sold ten paintings.

    The same year, the City of Jerusalem retained him for a new exhibition Emotions at the cinema Yes Planet in Jerusalem, where he sold 12 paintings.

    In July 2017, the theater in Jerusalem offered him its huge walls to exhibit his works, some of which measure two meters. On February 3rd, 2019, Ethan exposes new ones to the Tahana Arishona of Jerusalem.

    Since then, Ethan has joined the army since July 2018, he paints on his return from the army on the weekend and his canvases have a completely different style, using original and modern materials. In Summer 2020, Ethan will hold a new exhibition in a modern gallery in Yaffo Tel Aviv.