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About Ethan Dor-Shav

Ethan Dor-Shav (Dershowitz), 50, was born in New York and lives in Israel.

An autodidact artist, he taps into lifelong pursuits of multidisciplinary fields, including academia and advertising, as well as a close affinity to the dance world.

Dor-Shav studied at Tel-Aviv University’s Interdisciplinary Program for Fostering Excellence and was a Senior Fellow at The Shalem Center Jerusalem Research Institute. During his tenure, Dor-shav published a series of articles on Ancient Israelite Metaphysics, which are at the core of his painting.

His artistic journey reached its maturity by fusing a vivid metaphysical portrayal of biblical allegories, homosymbolism, and tempestuous expression in color, scale and kineticism. He offers a cutting-edge vision for religious or spiritual art.

Six Wings, Dor-Shav’s solo Exhibition at Tel-Aviv’s Artists House (Oct-Nov 2016), featured eight works in soft pastels on paper, each approx. 4m tall and 1.6m wide.

Ethan Dor-Shav

Dance, Visual Arts
Contemporary, Drawing & Painting, Performance Art, Photography, Video Art

Tel Aviv, Israel

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