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About Eva Ariela Lindberg

Eva Ariela was born in Stockholm, Sweden. Stories, music, painting and drama became Eva’s main interests. In 1975 the family moved to Israel, where she attended Telma Yalin high school for the Arts in Tel Aviv, dedicating her time drawing and sculpting.

Eva eventually developed a new style called the “5th Dimensional Artwork, while studying at the Energy Art School in Berkeley, 1991, directed by Ross Drago. She synthesized all the different modalities from the past, into one concept and expression. The 5th Dimensional oil paintings convey images from an abstract but suggestively figurative source of inspiration, incorporating many multi dimensional aspects. Eva has exhibits these works and others, internationally and locally, e.g. European Who’s Who art shows, as well as 5th Dimensional Happenings.

In addition, Eva also studied Drama Therapy and Psychology; hosted healing events and community projects, wrote a book about the ‘Tulip Love’ healing model, facilitated workshops, peace conferences, private and group events, women’s circles, etc. Despite Eva’s educational diversity and curiosity for life, the ART is a constant part of her daily life.

The website, encompasses her different life projects, modalities and represents various art styles, samples of hundreds of art pieces in oil and many portfolios of different styles, from graphics, posters, illustrations, hand painted items and more. Eva also takes commissioned paintings; hand painted signs and kabbalah/Judaica posters.

Eva Ariela Lindberg

Visual Arts
Drawing & Painting, Digital Art / Multimedia

Talbiye, Jerusalem, Israel

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