About Ezra Barhum

Born in Iraq in 1934, Ezra learned to play the oud at the age of 12. Ezra moved to Israel in 1951, and studied at a music school. He passed on his knowledge of playing the oud ever since. For the past 60 years Ezra has performed with various artists in events and concerts. He has composed over 50 different pieces for known singers in the Arabic language.

Ezra took part in festivals and events of ‘Kol Israel’ in Arabic. He was part of Albert Fiomenta’s band, ‘Kamon’, and a band member of Ohad Peretz’s ‘Hagadat Habriot’. He played with ‘Etnix”, Zehava Ben, Netanel, Sarit Hadad, Shlomi Saranga and others. Ezra’s compositions are played regularly on ‘Reshet D’ of ‘Kol Israel’. Currently, Ezra manages a music group in Savion School in Ramat Gan. Ezra won two music festivals in the Arabic language at Kol Israel radio stations.

Ezra Barhum

Oud, World/Ethnic

Kfar Saba, Israel