Fresco Dance Company – Yoram Karmi

    Fresco Dance Company was established in 2002 by Yoram Karmi.

    Since its establishment, the company performs on a regular basis, hundreds of times each year throughout Israel and the world with Karmi’s Pieces and collaborations with artists from the Theater and multimedia as well.

    In addition to the company’s work, it was commissioned  to produce dance Pieces for premiering in the Israeli Festival  (2007, 2010) and with the Symphony Orchestra Rishon Le-Zion (2008) and in other world renown Festivals.

    The company tours abroad, bringing an original and high quality Israeli dance to the international audiences.  So far the company traveled to China, Taiwan, Korea, Poland, Romania, Italy and Sicily.

    The Company is supported by the Ministry of Cultural and Sport. Since 2006 the Company has a collaboration with Holon Municipality and the Mediatheque Theater.

    The company has two ensembles and is performing a vast repertoire to audiences in all ages and is critically acclaimed.

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