Gali Katz

    Gali Katz is an artist who works in Jerusalem and holds a BA degree with distinction, in Arts and Education, from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, in Israel. She als,o dances from the age of 4 and now works as a dance teacher of the West Coast Swing style. Her passion and motivation in life have always been painting and dancing. Her work derives from a truthful place, which she feels obligated to express. She explores the interface between drawing and dancing, the drawing being the representation of the physical motion.

    The last exhibition she participated in; “Ana’s Men” dealt with contemporary issues in the Israeli and global context, such as the #MeToo campaign and the issue of Orthodox Jews, which interests her as an artist who lives in Jerusalem. Another exhibition she took part in is “Hoi, my country my home” at Haorgim gallery, Holon.