About Gideon Bendel

Gideon Bendel is an Israeli-Chinese-American artist.

Gideon excels academically and has passed the Ministry of Education exams for gifted children.
In addition to Academics and Music Gideon is participating in teamwork sports activities. Gideon is a sailor and a Sea-Scout. He has been a member of a chess team for several years. He excels in sports, especially in running and Ping-Pong. He is also a basketball player at a youth team.

Gideon was named for his paternal grandfather, Brigadier General Gideon Bendel who played basketball for the Israeli National team. There is an annual basketball tournament, The Bendel Tournament, in honor of Brigadier General Bendel which is played with Maccabee Tel-Aviv or Ha’poel groups each year. The regional sports and music center of Emek Hayarden is named after Brigadier General Gideon Bendel and is hosting the regional music conservatory.
Gideon comes from a musical family. Like Gideon, his younger sisters and brothers also play multiple instruments. All are playing piano and recorder, in addition to privately studying music theory. Each also chooses to play another instrument: Pedal Harp, cello, and violin.

Gideon and his siblings speak, read and write Chinese and have attended elementary school in China for periods of time

Gideon is an AICF Scholarship Recipient for 2016-2019.

Gideon Bendel


Tel Aviv, Israel
Grant Recipient