About Guy Kapulnik

Kapulnik’s Film credits include 'Call of the Wild' (20th Century FOX), 'Room 514' (special selection at Tribeca Film Festival), 'Watch Over Me' (Dir. Mysh Rosanov) – winner of Iris Prize,  'Lebanon' (Dir. Shmulik Maoz), 'Salsa Tel-Aviv', 'Shia', 'Lucy’s Raw Eyes', 'Iris', 'Reflections On Hollywood'. TV credits include the series 'Cross Training', 'Brown Nation', 'Mirage', 'The Perfect Murder' and 'Zoo Children'.

Some of his theatre credits include 'After the War' (Mosaic Theater of DC), 'Recollection of Innocence' (New York Horse Trade), 'The Dibuk', 'Bordo', 'Silence Not - A Love Story'. Kapulnik co-wrote and performed together with Dutch director Natasha Schulte 'Are You Here' (Tel Aviv, Israel and Beloofte Fest, Netherlands 2010).  

Kapulnik directed the original play 'The Center for Research And Contemplation', which he co-wrote with playwright Yoav Shutan. (Spring Festival award 2013 – Tel Aviv). He directed an Argentinian original production 'Antes De Que Me Desvanezca En El Aire', by Natalia Casielles (Buenos Aires, 2013). 

Kapulnik grew up in Israel and in the United States. His theater training included: Nissan Native Theatre School, Jerusalem, New York UCB and the LA Ivana Chubbuck Studio.

Guy Kapulnik

Film, Theater

Tel Aviv, Israel

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