Guy Nativ

Visual Arts

Guy Nativ

Guy Nativ is a passionate motion designer from Netanya, Israel, where he was born into a family of photographers. Growing up around his father's photo lab, Guy developed an early interest in the visual arts, learning the intricacies of photography, videography, and editing. This sparked a lifelong passion that has propelled him to explore and contribute to the world of visual communication.

After completing three years of military service, Guy trained as a sound technician, working on various theater shows and concerts. Recognizing sound's integral role in enhancing visual narratives, he decided to broaden his skill set and pursue a degree in Visual Communication at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. This experience allowed him to master the art of combining motion design, animation, and sound to create compelling visual stories.

Guy has since amassed over seven years of experience in the TV and startup industries, serving as an art director, designer, and animator. His work has focused on translating complex concepts into cohesive and engaging visuals that resonate with audiences.

- Positive-Negative: Collaboration with HIVTalk, Gallery “Hahalal”, Tel Aviv (18-27.12.2014)
- A is for Icon, B is for Bold: Concepts in Visual Communications, Mobi Museum, Bat Yam (13.12.2015 – 9.1.2016)
- Nezah: Design Searching for a Territory: The Edmond de Rothschild Center, Tel Aviv (22.12.2016 – 19.1.2017)
- First Impression: Tel Aviv Illustration Week 2019, The Prince, Tel Aviv
- Soundtrack: Tel Aviv Illustration Week 2020, The Prince, Tel Aviv
- Sidewalk Stories: Tel Aviv Illustration Week 2021, The Cuckoo's Nest, Tel Aviv

- The Azrieli Design Prize for academic excellence during his second year
- AICF scholarship in his fourth year