About Guy Zeltzer

At the age of 4, as Guy saw his first live drummer he was shocked, his parents decided to let the kid grow through his desires by getting one of the best drummers in Israel at the time, Gabi Hershkovitz, to teach him.

From there on, it was an amazing ride, Guy was already fanatic about precision & production as a teen and started performing with indie rock bands, while studying with another drumming legend Rony Holan to enhance the Jazz/Latin aspect, as it's said "if you want to be a good rock drummer, you first must be a good Jazz drummer."

In 2013 Guy left Israel and moved to Moscow, joining commercial productions and performing at huge, 10K size concerts. In 2015 he moved to the states and established the lead Israeli cover band in America - TLV, which is touring among organizations across America. Guy also produced backing bands for artists that arrived to the states like Kobi Aflalo & Ron Rozenfeld (Portrait).

Guy Zeltzer

Drums, Rock

Closter, New Jersey, United States