About Hadar Kadosh

Hadar Kadosh was born in Israel in 1996. He won Scholarships from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation since 2013 to 2018 in double bass.

Hadar studied at the Thelma-Yellin high school of arts. He currently studies Double bass at the Hochschule für Musik “Franz Liszt” in Weimar, in the class of professor Dominik Greger.

In the past he has won a few scholarships at the Givatayim Conservatory and a scholarship from the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra. He gave a number of concerts and recitals at the Givatayim Conservatory and at the music academy in Tel Aviv.

Hadar has played in many orchestras in Israel and in Germany. Israel: The Givatayim Conservatory Orchestra, the Thelma-Yellin Orchestra, the Young Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, the Academy Orchestra, Ha-Galil orchestra, the Tel Aviv Soloist Ensemble. In Germany: Hochschulorchester der HfM Weimar, Theater Rudolstadt, Theater Erfurt and the Jenaer Philharmonie. Since 2018 Hadar is Substitut in the Jenaer Philharmonie and also Akademist in the Theater in Erfurt since 2019.

Hadar has much experience in chamber music as a double-bassist and also as a violist.

Hadar participated in the Perlman Music Program which included two weeks of private lessons with great teachers including Maestro Perlman, chamber music, and orchestra conducted by maestro Perlman.

He played in a master class with the double-bassist Duncan Mctier in Jerusalem and played in a master class with professor Philipp Stubenrauch At the Academy of music in Tel Aviv.

Hadar served in the IDF as a distinguished musician in the “Sulamot” program.

Hadar Kadosh

Contrabass / Double Bass, Classical

Weimar, Germany
Grant Recipient