About Hadar Rappoport

Hadar started studying piano 5 years ago at the age of 7 with her current teacher Rena Rozenman at the Sadna Music School in Jerusalem. She had also studied music theory. At her school, most students don’t take music lessons, so she is known as “the pianist” and she is often asked to accompany the school musicals.

Hadar really likes that her ability to play allows her to enhance the school’s performances in this way. She is so happy that she plays the piano – she feels that it has taught her how to be disciplined, and to be a critic of herself – when she plays and listen to what she needs to work on, and what sounds right and what does not. But she also loves the way music makes her feel like she is transported to another place while she plays.

Hadar also loves art, and enjoy developing her ability to translate what she sees and feels into a picture and share it with others.

Hadar Rappoport

Piano, Classical

Alon Shvut, Israel
Grant Recipient