About Hagar Engel

Hagar Engel was born in Israel on 11.05.1993. She was awarded the America-Israel Cultural Foundation grant in Theater. She grew up in Herzliya and lives in Ramat Gan.

During 2008-2011 she played and danced as part of the “On Stage Group”- Herzliya’s representative acting group. During the four years of participation in the group, she studied dance and acting, and performed in many musicals, among them ”Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”, “Hairspray” and more.

In December 2011 she enlisted in the Israeli army as a criminal investigator and served for three years in the position.

Today, 2017, Hagar is in her third year at the “Beit Zvi” School of Art under the artistic direction of Arthur Kogan.

Before coming to “Beit Zvi”, Hagar participated in several productions as an actress and a dancer. In 2015 she danced and played in the musical “Prince of Egypt” produced by “Chasida” productions. That year she also performed sang as a backup singer with Maya Buskila at the Pride Parade. She also danced and played in the children’s series “Shurum Zurum” by Rinat Gabay, and in the summer performance of Rinat Gabay’s “Pajama Party”.

At Beit Zvi, Hagar won several scholarships:

1) Winner of the “Moshe Ze’iri” scholarship for performing a dramatic monologue.

2) Winner of the “George Wall” scholarship for performing a song from a musical.

3) Winner of the “Ahaleh Halevi” scholarship for performing a song by Sasha Argov.

4) Winner of the “Raphael Klatchkin” scholarship for performing a monologue from a play performed Raphael Klatchkin.

5) Winner of the “Dedi Nissim” Scholarship for performing a comic dialogue.

6) Second place in the “Sefi Rivlin” scholarship – National scholarship for performing a comic monologue.

7) Winner of the “Sano” scholarship for performing a song from a musical.

Hagar Engel

Actor, Classical

Herzelia, Israel

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