Hagit Hollander-Shimoni

    • Visual Arts

    Ramat Gan, Israel

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    Hagit Hollander-Shimoni was born in Israel, in 1982
    BA Visual Communication Design (2005-2009), Holon Institute of Technology, including student exchange at the University in the House of Commons approach, HFG.

    For Hagit, her artwork is a journey. A journey that begins with an in-depth study of spiritual and philosophical topics that fascinate her in the fields of languages & the written word, Judaism & Kabbala, Buddhism, philosophy, psychology, Biology and etc. She believes that all the answers are already there and she needs to create a new synthesis and adapt the experiences to our days. Hagit loves to create a whole experience in space combining sounds, visuals & motion to create an unforgettable experience.
    2020 – forward. “Visual Prayer”, Jewish Museum Berlin, Germany (permanent exhibition)
    2016 – forward. “Ani Ma’amun”, Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, Poland (permanent exhibition)
    2011. Beit Avi Chai, Jerusalem, “No Content”, Web exhibition
    2010. Beit Avi Chai, Poetry festival, Jerusalem (solo
    2010. Future Designers Exhibition, Tel Aviv
    2009 – 2010. Beit Hatfutzot museum, “Judaica twist” exhibition, Tel Aviv

    Awards & Recognition:
    “Europrix Multimedia awards 09”, quality seal, 2009
    “Chatach Azahav 2010”, 1st place
    “Designed in Israel”, Beehave, 2009
    “Designed in Israel”, Visual Prayer, 2010
    “Eretz magazine”, Artist interview, 2010
    “Globes”, Breaking the Tradition, 2009
    “Haharetz/Gallery”, Chosen as one of the leading visual communication design artists, 2009

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