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About Halil Balabin

Halil Balabin was born in Israel in 1987, Balabin lives and works in Bat-Yam. He received his BFA from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem.

Balabin works in traditional handicrafts of a laborious and meticulous character. his work is divided into two modes of work – dealing with biographical documentary content through which he examine new possibilities of documentary representation, how to shed the cinematic identity off the documentary and try to tell a human story with traditional art tools that are not a video camera.

And the second occupation is material works of multi details of humorous and absurd nature that combine a wide range of familiar images. Arts and crafts such as sewing puppets featuring joyful, figurative, humorous, playful, and critical work.

Sewing is manual, slow and simple sewing. It takes time to reach a finished result, about a day or two for a doll. This time between the beginning of sewing and the result allows a surprising creative process. A long time but not too much. The meditative sewing action erases time. The squat sitting and the microscopic look into the fabric and seams make him feel like an astronaut in space and the space of the room to stretch and twist.

Balabin works has been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions including: Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Tel aviv museum; Untitled Art Fair, Miami ; Circle 1 Gallery, Berlin; Inga Gallery,Tel Aviv; Kibbutz Gallery,Tel Aviv; Contemporary Gallery,Tel Aviv among many other venues. Balabin was awarded from the Bezalel Academy of Art, ” Elhanani” ,Prize from the America- Israel cultural Foundation ,Award for extraordinary artistic achievement and from the Israel Ministry of Culture the Young Artist Award. has been teaching at the Fine Arts Department at the Bezalel Academy Since 2016. Balabin working in collaboration with the artist Merav Kamel since 2013.

Halil Balabin

Visual Arts
Drawing & Painting, Mixed Media, Photography, Sculpture, Video Art

Bat Yam, Israel
Grant Recipient

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