Visual Arts

About Haneen Saaidah

Haneen Saaideh is an artist from Fureidis village. She graduated from high school in Fureidis village with a diploma in chemistry and computers. After completing 12 years of study, and working in various jobs to save money, Haneen started her academic studies at the Midrasha College of Art in Beit Berl and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Art. She graduated with honors and received a certificate of excellence in art and won the opportunity to exhibit at the Yarkon Gallery in Tel Aviv.

Haneen presented sculpture and drawing, and from there the combination of the two fields also accompanied her to the final exhibition of the fourth year. Beyond the mediums, she deals with all sorts of philosophical questions in the contexts of objects and meaning. Throughout her four years at the Midrasha, she has dealt with concepts such as sharp versus soft and delicate, quiet versus noise, inner voice versus external.

Haneen won the America-Israel Cultural Foundation Award for Art in 2020-2021

Haneen Saaidah

Visual Arts
Drawing & Painting, Sculpture

Haifa, Israel
Grant Recipient