Visual Arts

About Hee-Lee Soffer

Hee-Lee Soffer is an artist who was born in Israel in 1978. She is a painter and illustrator who owns the website, which is a platform for displaying a portfolio and receiving work orders for portraits and illustrations from clients. Hee-Lee graduated with honors her master’s degree in art history at the University of Haifa and wrote a thesis on the subject of artist Caravaggio and the appearance of alchemy in his work. Hee-Lee paints in classic techniques as oil on canvas, aquarelle, drawing and charcoal, alongside creating graphic works with computer software. Hee-Lee receives orders for these types of work from private and business customers. In recent years, Hee-Lee has also been involved in other fields of art, including sculpture, sewing, jewelry design and a variety of materials of art and crafting.

Art Exhibitions

2019 June: Group Field Exhibition: Presenting a mixed media sculpture at a field group exhibition at the Pentecost Workshops event of HaMa’ayan Art Gallery in Huzot Carmel.

2019 April: Opening exhibition for “HaMa’ayan” gallery: Presenting artworks at the exhibition and the art fair in the launching of the HaMa’ayan Art Gallery in Huzot Carmel.

2014 August: Ilana Gur Museum in Jaffa- presenting oil painting in the Mifgash+ group presentation.

2013 January: Anu gallery in Benjamina – presenting oil paintings in the Yozrim Shinui group presentation. Selling revenues were donated to a boarding school for at-risk youth.

2010 July-September: Tveria 15 gallery in Haifa – solo painting exhibition in the art event Sfat-Em.

2009: The Water-Tower gallery in Nahariya – presenting an oil painting in the city’s artists’ exhibition.

Hee-Lee Soffer

Visual Arts
Drawing & Painting, Mixed Media

Haifa, Israel
Grant Recipient