Hila Mutsafi

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Hila Mutsafi

Hila Mutsafi is a queer interdisciplinary artist in the fields of video art installations, performance, cinema, photography, drawing and poetry.

Graduated with a Bachelor's degree with honours from the Screen Arts Department, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, 2022, Jerusalem, and the program for outstanding students of the Edmond de Rothschild Center.

They exhibited at the ZAZorner international gallery in Times Square (2020), and participated in group exhibitions at Beit Ariela (2022), at the Artists' House in Herzliya (2022) and at the Grosso Modo Collective gallery (2023). They also curated and produced independent exhibitions at Bezalel (2021) and Beit Alliance (2022), produced an independent conference in collaboration with the student union, with a panel of activists (2021), furthermore, participated in film festivals of Ma'ale School (2020) and QFF- Queer Film Festival (2023).

Their works deal with the act of appropriating terms from the fields of gender, trauma and collective consciousness.