About Idan Abrahamson

Idan Abrahamson, singer-song writer and multi-instrumentalist, creates music in various forms with different groups and is currently performing mostly with his band. They play his songs which are influenced by blues, soul, jazz and classical music.

At the age of 7 Idan began to study violin and viola and has been in the classical world for about 15 years, during which he was awarded grants by the America-Israel Cultural Foundation (Keren Sharett), became first violist in the Young Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and was recognized as an Outstanding Musician by the Israel Defense Force. After that he started writing songs instinctively, singing, playing the viola, guitar and piano in various styles with an emphasis on blues, jazz and funk.

The band – Amir Bar Akiva (drums), Guy Moskovitch (piano and keyboards), Amit Geller (bass) and Idan met at the Israeli department of the New York-based “New School” program in Tel Aviv where they all study jazz.

Idan writes in English and in Hebrew and the band members search for a way to express the special sound arising from the combination of their musical styles, in order to create their particular variety of expression within the world of popular music.

Idan Abrahamson

Guitar, Piano, Viola, Violin, Voice, Composition, Music Direction, Production

Tel Aviv, Israel
Grant Recipient