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About Ilana Aviv

I have a studio, specializing in design wall sculptures and outdoor sculptures. I studied in Art College Hamidrasha, but mostly I’m an autodidact artist. I exhibited in Hankin Gallery-Holon, Horas Richter Gallery-Old Jaffa, Kastiel Gallery, Beith Haomanim – Jerusalem.

I have created large scale wall sculptures as well as outdoor sculptures sometimes they have a natural look, sometimes they are colorful and joyful.

I was commissioned a memorial wall sculpture in Muza Culture Center Hof Carmel h 25ft x 18ft x 3ft, and a memorial wall sculpture in Migdal Haemek 36ft x 39ft, Public Art, Three Life Size Figures – Pardes Hana, Ten Interactive Sculptures in Playground – Holon, 5 piece work – Academy of Law and Business – Ramat Gan, 3 sculptures – Qiryat Gat, Series of eight wall sculptures – Hilton hotel Tel Aviv.

I recently finished a project of 4 wall sculptures 16ft x 6.5ft each, that is installed in a luxurious lobby of three towers in Netanya Israel.

Currently I work on a sculptural project for a traffic circle in Or Akiva.

I opened a ceramics sculpture workshop in 1987. Starting in 1995, I developed a new sculpture technique and material based on concrete. I found a material that is light in weight, thin and sturdy. This technique opened the doors to endless possibilities of expression for large scale indoor and outdoor works.

I am inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of the desert and the limestone rocks by the sea in Caesarea, near my home.

In my works I deal with issues of past, concerning memories, history, and religion, as they are being expressed in the human soul in all its complexity and variations. Through my work I strive to invite the viewer to explore the hidden inner parts of his/her own mind and soul.

Often in my work you can find layers that represent experiences, wishes, emotions, thoughts and feelings that are accumulated over the years in one’s soul, as well as national historical stories. In some of my works there is light shining in, enlightening the inner soul with awareness and serenity. I keep looking for the tension that is created between the surface and what’s underneath, the part that is hidden from the viewer’s eye.

My work is done in constant exploration of ways of expression. I try to simplify the elements in my works while preserving the expression of my spiritual ideas. It’s a creative and intuitive process aiming a quiet minimalist monochromatic deep focused work.

Ilana Aviv

Visual Arts
Architecture, Design & Technology, Drawing & Painting, Industrial Design, Multimedia, Sculpture

Pardes Hana, Israel
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