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About Inna Katseva

Inna Katseva, born in 1971. Living and creating in Ashdod, Israel.

Studied at the Pedagogic Institute of Moldova (1988-1990). Graduated graphic design at the Avni Institute (1995). She studied painting with known artists as, Gad Ullman, Alla Dutkovsky, Viktor Gusev, Kavarnaly and design with Micky Weiss and Moshe Amar.

Inna is a multidisciplinary artist, expressing her world in a variety of techniques and styles, from abstract to extreme realism, as from miniature scale to giant wall paintings.

Artistic style range: realistic-poetic to surrealistic-philosophical.
Main techniques: watercolor, etching, pen and ink drawing.
Experimenting and working with other techniques are part of her self-exploring and learning process. Subjects of interest: human nature, Illusion vs reality, literature and poetry, philosophy and spirituality.

Inna Katseva creates out of her desire to reach balance, inner truth and to discover the connection between the hidden and the visible. All these components and insights are expressed through her work, no matter what style she creates and what are the means by which she uses.

Participated in dozens of exhibitions in Israel and abroad:

2020 – Fabriano in Watercolor – International Watercolor Community Convention Fabriano, IT.
2020 – Our Wonderful World – International Exhibition Ukraine-Poland 2020
2020 – Creation during Corona – Artists Exhibition Ashdod, IL.
2016 – The Passion of Dance – Solo exhibition at Duet Gallery, Ashdod IL.
2002 – Dolphin Show – Rabin Square, Tel Aviv IL.
1996 – Pain Exhibition – Collaborated with “Israel Cancer Association”, Jerusalem IL.
*Participated in many other exhibitions through the years, presented by –
“Israel Association of Illustrators”.

Awards winning:

Award-winner of “The Golden Brush” – Ashdod mayor award for artists and creators for 2016
In the category of “Creative Artist with Outstanding Achievements in Art”.
Winner of Ashdod Prize for “Young Artist and Creator 1997”.
*Participated in multiple unique projects to improve the appearance of the city. In collaboration with the Ashdod Municipality and Environmental Organizations.

Inna Katseva

Visual Arts

Ashdod, Israel
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