Irith Gubi

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    Tel Aviv, Israel

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    Irith Gubi’s photography functions as an eye which organizes impressions. It is a net that draws out patterns found around us and turns them into a prism for observing human relations vis-à-vis their surroundings.

    Her photographs follow visual sequences of order and disorder in urban environments and in open landscapes. While capturing seemingly self-contained and clearly cut compositions, Gubi’s photographs, also convey feelings of uneasiness and tension. The fissures in the visible harmony are revealed only upon second look. They undermine the photographs’ balance and draw attention both to the very nature of art and to a reality of social injustice, loneliness, neglect, estrangement and disregard for the other. These ruptures are there all along, but are seen by the viewer only when framed by the photograph.


    2005 – 2007 – Geographic Photography College (Anthropology & Social Documentary Photography)
    2004 – 2005 – Tzilum Yotzer

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

    2010 – Beyond Silence – Zaritzky Artists House Tel Aviv(Curator: Irena Gordon)

    2009 – Across the Road – Giv`ataim(Curator: Doron Polak)

Selected Group Exhibitions:

    2017 – AnonymX: The End of the Privacy Era – Haifa Museum

    2015 – There Is No Place Like Home – The Municipal Art Gallery, Givataim

    2014 – Escalation – The Municipal Art Gallery, Givataim

    2013 – Tel Aviv Photo Annual Exhibition

    2012 – Old Age in Israel – New Digital Gallery, Haifa University

    2011 – Nature & Still Life – Gebo, Tel Aviv

    2010 – Local Landscape – Gallerina

    2009 – Unrest – Artist Pavilion – Rishon L`etzion

    2009 – Fresh Paint Postcard Project

    2009 – Out of The Box – Tel Aviv

    2007 – Midrasha Letzilum Graduate Exhibition

    2006 – Midrasha Letzilum Graduate Exhibition

    2005 – Photographers Group, Tel Aviv


    2020 – Women and Old Age, Gender and Ageism as reflected in Israeli Art/

    Tal Dekel (images in a book)

    2017 – AnonymX: The End of the Privacy Era – Catalogue

    2014 – Professional Women Photographers Blog – “Lessons Through a Lens”

    2014 – Hasifa, “Haaretz” Photography Blog

    2011 – Zioror, Israeli Photography Blog

    2011 – People Israel, Your Guide to Israeli Society, Online Exhibitions

    2011 – Masa Acher Magazine

    2010 – Ynet Beitha`am Online Art and Poetry Gallery

    2010 – TimeOut Magazine

    2010 – Shots Magazine, Smoke And Mirrors Edition

    2010 – 52 Editions online gallery

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