Visual Arts

About Itai Fluk

Itai Fluk's work lies within the boundaries of visual arts and architecture, in a constant search of hidden spaces in the city exploring and exposing them through urban installations actions. He designs buildings, deal with urban art installations and graphic art through profound desire to tie the different areas through physical interventions in the urban fabric in order to sharpen and improve physical environment relationships existing among man and place.

Itai's work seeks to change the dimension in which we meet familiar places in the city that lies in our collective memory. His belief is that public art should take place in urban spaces through sensitive dialogue with the local people. Good art creates identification through emotions and a sense of “a place”. Identification is formed by the action. Therefore, public participation in creating the urban art is important as much as the visual result. He seeks to embed visual messages in the city, messages that contain cultural contents that will inspire us as part of our daily life, allowing modern art penetrate society at all levels. These are some of my main goals.

Itai Fluk

Visual Arts
Architecture, Design & Technology, Graphic Design

Haifa, Israel