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About Itamar Makover

Itamar Makover is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

A recent graduate of the Department of Visual Communication Design at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem, His main field of practice is illustration.

His illustrations were featured in the german edition of Rolling Stone Magazine (January 2016), The Illustrated Haggadah for Passover 2017 (published in Israel by Asufa Design) and reached the shortlist of the Communication Arts 2017 Illustration Competition in the Students Work category. A member of Secret Stash crew, Itamar took part in the group’s two exhibitions in 2017. His work will be on display at two exhibitions during Illustration Week 2017 in Tel-Aviv: Best Graduate Children’s Books and “The Format is The Message” – illustrations in original and innovative formats.

Itamar is a Recipient of the 2017-2018 AICF grant for Visual Communication.

Itamar Makover

Visual Arts
Graphic Design, Illustration

Tel-Aviv, Israel
Grant Recipient

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