About Jasmin Even

Jasmin Even, musician, is a graduate of the “Rimon” school of music. She produced four highly regarded solo albums.

Her second album, “Fragments” (2006) was chosen as album of the year by the internet music site, qube. Her album “Whispers” (2011), a double album of poetry in song with an array of guest poets and musicians, was accompanied by a special internet site and led to the creation of a video project broadcast on educational television.

In 2007 she published her first book of poems, “Diagonal Woman” (Carmel), with the support of the “Amos Foundation”.

Even is an active composer for films, theatre and TV, twice awarded the “Acum Prize”, she has also received a grant from the ministry of culture, and honorable mention in a competition to set Heine’s poetry to music.

Jasmin Even

Film, Music
Documentary, Experimental, Narrative, Piano, Voice, Composition, Music Direction, Production

Holon, Israel

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