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About Jasmin Gershony-Geyer

Jasmin is an Israeli-German multidisciplinary artist and designer.
Her work focuses mainly on figurative, expressive mixed media acrylics, and ink sketching. She also loves creating installations and 3D objects.
Her background as a graphic designer allows her to create digital artworks as well, that often combine vector drawings.

Jasmin takes note of social issues. Being a german-Israeli and switching locations between the melting pots of both countries, has influenced her artistic research.

Jasmin is a rehabilitating arts teacher. For over a decade now, she's been working at a hostel in downtown Haifa, Israel. Her students are with special needs and psychiatric disorders.
She like their non-verbal and unconventional way to express themself through arts.

Jasmin Gershony-Geyer

Visual Arts
Design & Technology, Digital Art / Multimedia, Drawing & Painting, Graphic Design, Illustration, Mixed Media, Multimedia, Photography, Printmaking

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