About Jerusalem Music Centre

The leading body in Israel in promoting and nurturing talented young musicians from all over the country. The center, headed by the great pianist Marie Farhiya, was established by the legendary violinist Isaac Stern and the mayor of Jerusalem, Teddy Kollek, with the assistance of Yad Hanadiv and the Jerusalem Foundation.

As part of the preparatory work of these young Israeli artists on their way to the world stage, the center is also proud of the tradition of bringing leading artists from around the world to Israel for give masterclasses and perform concerts. As a center embracing a world of musical excellence, the center has hosted many of the great artists of the twentieth century, including Arthur Rubinstein, Pablo Casals, Leonard Bernstein, Yo-Yo Ma, Yitzhak Perlman and Alfred Brendel.

Today, led by renowned pianist Marie Farhiya, the center continues to give young Israeli musicians the same love, passion and respect for their art that they share with great musicians from around the world.

The vision of the center:
To cultivate outstanding young musicians from all over Israel, and to provide them with customized programs for the development of their skills, both as soloists and in playing in the ensemble and orchestra.

To provide a suitable environment for young Israeli musicians that allows them to meet, learn and be inspired by both the greatest musicians in the world and each other.

Provide these young musicians with opportunities to perform and record, at and outside the Jerusalem Music Center, opportunities that will help them prepare and build a musical career.

To support the continuous musical and pedagogical growth of music teachers throughout the country, by making connections with leading international musicians and teachers, and exposure to both new and traditional ideas in music teaching.

To provide a musical center with a world-class status in the heart of the capital of Israel, which enriches the city and its residents with concerts at an international level, and in close ties with a variety of cultural and musical bodies located there.

Jerusalem Music Centre


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