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About Jessica Moritz

French-Israeli artist, lives and works in Tel Aviv.

Graduated from the fine arts of Paris (ENSBA), LVMH young artist award 2006, TAKASAGO Prize 2008.

She believes that order in chaos leads to an equilibrium of harmony. Jessica’s corpus of art is an infinite voyage. Her calling never discovers a termination.

Light is an exceptional commodity for her, the infinite evolution of colors, intangible moment of grace, and interactions with architecture.

Her process starts by translating this reflection and materializing them in shapes, lines, and color harmonies
She builds utopian architecture (mindscape), where she unveils impossible geometry. Her art-objects are keys to new dimensions, a new approach to colors. The structures display optical illusions that distract us from rational thinking and logic.

Her art is inspired by former Bauhaus artists like Josef Albers. Jessica lives in Tel Aviv, where the traces of this movement are still to be found in the city's architecture. Albers inspired Moritz to consider herself profound with the theory of color. Her inquiry led to an inspirational mission to develop a very own attitude to this optical material.

She believes in a sustainable way of producing her art. In consideration of climate change, she reclaims materials to use the existing. She gathers materials on her trips and transforms them during a magical process into a new purpose. She tries to avoid a replacement out of senseless consumerism.

Jessica Moritz

Visual Arts

Tel Aviv, Israel

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