About Jonathan David

Jonathan is a composer, producer and a guitar player. Currently living in Jerusalem for his Cross Disciplinary Composition music studies
His uniquely textured compositions involve jazz guitar, live beat making, sampling and improvisation.
His latest release "Live Sessions" is an 8 track album made of live sessions that were filmed and recorded live around Israel. The self-produced album goes from modern jazz to lo-fi guitar beats, while keeping the acoustic feel of live instrumentation through different collaborations on each track.
The live tracks throughout the album serves the idea of the music – embracing imperfections, making it sonically convincing and real life connected.

In July 2022 Jonathan was a finalist at Rootstock Music Awards - a competition made to assist emerging artists, and his live session show for the finals received enormous support online.

His cross disciplinary collaborations include stage-based performances and recorded music for dance, video games, web experiences and title sequences for TV and film. In July 2022 had a tour in Israel and Sweden (Tranas at The Fringe festival), performing his piece "Do You Hear?" - a collaboration with dancer Amit Oddes. The piece is about to be performed at STOFF - Stockholm Fringe Festival September 2022.

Jonathan David

Guitar, Production, Jazz, Electronic, Experimental

Jerusalem, Israel

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