About Jonathan Gottesmann

Independent Film Director and Video Editor. Works with independent music artists since 2001. Directed music videos for several artists: The Energya Psychotronics, The Right Rabbit (Ha’Shafan Ha’Nachon), Yasmin Even, Joe Mama, Windy and Destiny, Hot Killer (Killer Ha’Lohetet) and many more. Director of independent fiction-music films, not low-budget productions, but non-budget productions at all.


I Scream Gelato! / 36 mins. Starring: Renana Raz, and the Energya Psychotronics Band. (israel, 2012).

Scoring Mental / 50 mins. Starring Naama Schendar, Rivka Michaeli, Israel Gurion, Dov Friedman. (Israel, 2013)

Diva Senza Tempo / 2017 – 74 mins. (Israel, 2017)

Crema Caserta / 2019 – 76 mins. (Italy, 2019)

Jonathan Gottesmann

Directing, Documentary, Narrative, Experimental

Terni, Italy
Grant Recipient

Artist Gallery