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About Juliya Goldberg

My name is Yuliya Goldberg. I live in tel aviv. I was born in Russia in 1990. When I was 15 years old I made a decision to come and live in Israel.
I began my military service in 2009, I was a military photographer in IDF cadets school, during that time I was taking photos all over the country. When I finished my army service in 2011 I realized I wanted to practice art and photography. In 2012 I enrolled to Bezalel academy of arts and design and moved to Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel to do so.
It has been intensive, enriching, not easy but satisfying 4 years.

After graduating from Bezalel I was honored to be given a scholarship from “America-Israel” cultural foundation which helps and supports young artists. As for now I live and create in Tel Aviv.

Social involvement:
2014: taking part of the “Jerusalem Syndrome” festival
2014:taking part of the group exhibition in “agripas 12” gallery
2015: taking part of a group exhibition in the “Jaffa port” gallery
2016: graduates exhibition in Bezalel academy of arts and design.

Juliya Goldberg

Visual Arts
Mixed Media, Photography, Video Art

tel aviv, Israel
Grant Recipient

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