About Kai Gluska

Kai Gluska (b. 1995) is an Israeli Guitarist, Composer, Arranger and Educator currently living in NYC. A BFA graduate from The New School For Jazz And Contemporary Music, he has played with groups in some of the most prestigious performance halls in Israel such as Tel Aviv Museum, Zappa Herzliya, Beit Haamudim (which was awarded by Downbeat Magazine as one of the top ten Jazz venues in 2017/2020). Tel Aviv jazz festival (2019).

In 2021 Kai played at the Bern Jazz festival in Switzerland. In 2020 he earned a prize from The America-Israel Cultural Foundation competition for Jazz instrumentalists. As part of Kai’s agenda, music as an added value, he developed the Israeli Jazz scene in Israel by creating more venues and making collaborations between musicians and businesses (such as cafes, bars, and restaurants).

Throughout 2015-2021, he has made more than thirty collaborations that provided steady work for musicians and added value for the customers. These days, Kai is composing and arranging new music for his new sextet that will feature his style of writing, a combination of his musical influences, and reflections of his lived experiences.

Kai Gluska

Piano, Guitar, Experimental, Jazz

Mei Ami, Israel
Grant Recipient

Artist Gallery

Kai Gluska Sextet at Ilana Goor Museum