Katia Lifshin

    • Visual Arts

    Tel Aviv, Israel

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    Katia Lifshin (b.1993) is a Ukraine-born Israeli artist. In her practice, she primarily focuses on themes such as identity, self-image, childhood memories, and human relationships, particularly through the eyes of young girls and women. She uses old monochromatic photographs to guide and inspire her work, modifying them to create a new meaning, driven by her personal narrative. She relocated to the U.S in 2012, studied painting and sculpting at Pima College, Tucson, Arizona. Returning to Israel in 2018, she now lives and works in Tel-Aviv.

    Artist Statement 

    In the painted and dreamlike world of the naive teens and young girls, the blue and green color palette creates a different reality, in this reality the focus and attention is on the charcters’ identity, their feelings and their self-image, alongside surreal elements like small demon-like creatures who hide in their shadows, and symbols of innocence like games and flowers. The characters are often portrayed being in some sort of self conflict, daydreaming, sometimes in love. The lighting illuminates them and creates an aura around them, leaving them exposed to expressing their feelings. 

    Selected Exhibitions

    2021 – Fresh paint art fair

    2020 – “Realism”, (9)Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona

    2020 – Portrait, Hacubia gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

    2020 – Hedges and houses and mothers and children, online group exhibition

    2020 – Ergo, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio

    2019 – Group show, “The Sublet”, Jerusalem

    2019 – Angels, House of Artists, Rishon lezion

    2018 – Fun House 2018, Barrette Art Center, Poughkeepsie, New York

    2018 – Emerging Artists 2018, Limner Gallery, Hudson, New York

    2018 – Group Show, Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, New York

    2017 – Small Works Show, Limner Gallery, Hudson, New York

    2017 – Show of Heads, Limner Gallery, Hudson, New York

    2017 – Solo exhibition, {9}The Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona

    2017 – Tiny Works Tiny Dances, {9}The Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona

    2017 –  Half Truth Group Show, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio

    2016 – Tiny Works Tiny Dances, {9}The Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona 

    2016 –  All Art Arizona, Art Intersection Gallery, Gilbert, Arizona

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