Visual Arts

About Keren Benbenisty

Keren Benbenisty's work examines our relationship to contemporaneity by revealing both the ancient and modern constructs beneath its surface. Her project-oriented practice merges an investigative approach and subject based research along with traditional and technologically communicative visual means. These include but are not limited to drawing, sculpture, photography, film and video. At the core of Benbenity's work lies a conception of time that is not linear but one that is cyclical in nature.

Through the use of techniques such as repetition, re-contextualization, erasure, indexing, and cataloging she physically alters and transforms her subjects into temporal and often events of translation. Her practice poetically enacts the social and the political inherent to biology, archeology, identity, myth and language.

Keren Benbenisty

Visual Arts
Mixed Media, Multimedia, Photography, Video Art

New York, New York, United States