About Kerenor Sharabi

Kerenor Sharabi graduated from Thelma Yelin in Dance Performance, the most prestigious dance academy for higher education in Israel, equivalent to Julliard in the United States in 1995 and received the “Extraordinary Artist” exemption from the Israeli Defense Force.

She then became the lead soloist and Senior Principal Dancer with the storied Inbal Dance Company from 1999 to 2019 founded by Israel Prize Winner Sara-Levi Tanai, performing over 10,000 shows while touring internationally with the company in this role. In this time she worked under acclaimed Israel Prize Winner Illana Cohen, and starred in international collaborations of duets with Princeton University’s Dance Department Director, Za’eva Cohen. She also performed as lead soloist in tours with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra in highly successful collaborations and was named Israel’s Best Dancer Number 3 by Yedioth Ahronoth.

Sharabi was also the Senior Principal and lead soloist dancer with the esteemed Orna Porat Theater, between 2008-2014, and 2017-2019 heading the internationally renowned and highly successful production Family Dance for more than 3000 shows. In this role, she collaborated with distinguished Israeli cultural institutions such as Honi HaMekal, Deda Festival, Acre Festival, Holon Festival.

Kerenor Sharabi graduated from the kibbutzim seminary university for dance coaching and education in 2013, with a prestigious Wingate certificate for managing dance majors. From 2014 to 2019 Sharabi transmitted modern, ballet, and anatomy for dance in the city of Dimona and served as the dance director, educator and lead choreographer. She successfully collaborated with prestigious international dance companies such as Ballet Hispanico and Lola Washington from the United States, helping to build cultural bridges between the United States and Israel. From 2016 to 2019, Sharabi was four times awarded the prestigious Dance in the Community award and grant from the Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport of Israel. During this period, she elevated the dance program of the Dimona Community into national acclaim with multiple prestigious first place wins, resulting in awards at major dance competitions for her choreography and direction. She has successfully submitted multiple graduates of her dance direction to the Israeli Defense Force’s "Extraordinary Artist Dancer" program.

In recognition for her outstanding major artistic contributions to the artform of dance in Israel, Kerenor received the The Award of Honor for Excellence and Cultural Impact in 2019 from the Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport. Since 2020, Ms. Sharabi has been performing, educating and coaching the artform of Israeli Ethnic Dance in the United States under a cultural exchange program with the esteemed Keshet Chaim Dance Ensemble in Los Angeles, California as a cultural ambassador for Israel.

Kerenor Sharabi



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