About Kol Yozer Ensemble

gal Ohayon is a musician, creator, producer, writer and composer. Artistic director, founder and head of the Artists group in the Kol Yozer culture lab in Ma’alot (Western Galilee) that promotes and fosters creative and local original music creation. Kol Yotzer is a registered non profit organization.

He studied and researched for many years the world of Flamenco and his connection to Jewish Roots Music. He has played in many World Music Ensembles in Israel and Europe. He teaches, initiates, and works extensively for nurturing and promoting young music artists and creators.

The project Yagel Ya’akov – Original Root World Music to texts from the Origins.

Seven musicians from the Galilee go through a spectacular 200-year musical journey

In the heart of the Western Galilee, between the Kziv River and Nahal Ga’aton River lies a unique, multicultural city that encourages pluralism and common life. Between the landscapes of the country and the diverse human landscape, the members of the Ensemble, led by the Artistic Director, Musician and Creator Igal Ohayon, create an Original Root World Music, one that brings the whole world to visit the Galilee but is associated with the thickness of love for roots and texts from the origins.

Members of the Band embark on a time-travel, 200 years back to the book of Rabbi Ya’akov Abuchatzira and his sons, called: “Yagel Ya’akov”.

The performance “Yagel Yaakov” connects Ohayon’s original music compositions to the ensemble’s inner world and presents a rootsy musical performance that breaks the boundaries between the various musical content worlds and connects them in a way that was never heard before.

The Ensemble includes seven Galilee musicians who bring to the stage professional skill, life experience, deep mental worlds and the Galilean spirit.

Igal Ohayon – Compositions, Musical Production, Artistic Management

| Dudu Asraf – singer | Orian Shukrun – Piano | Rani Lorenz – Bass

Eli Butbull – Guitar | Eyal Luman – Percussion | Alex Moldovsky – Violin

Performed with great comments at:

Ma’alot Culture Hall, Ma’ale Yosef Cultural Hall, Shlomi Cultural Hall, Docaviv Festival, Bet Avi Chai and more. The project won a special award by the PAIS.

Kol Yozer Ensemble

Arranging / Orchestration, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Voice, Oud, World/Ethnic, Oriental

Ma'alot, Israel

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